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Dear international,

'Brabanders' like to do things together. After all, we can achieve more if we share our knowledge and join forces. In Brabant enthusiastic people are working together with the same goal, passion and desire, namely to make our world even more beautiful and better than it already is. Your contribution as international to our magnificent province fits in perfectly with our philosophy. We are very happy that you choose for Brabant and badly need your knowledge and expertise!

Showing our appreciation
We do not want to express our appreciation for you as international in words alone, but also by offering you a unique experience: Brabant International Day on 23 September 2017 (5.45 – 11.00 p.m.). We warmly invite you to participate in BrabantNacht, a night during which unique Brabant attractions will open their doors during the most exciting hours of the day. We start the evening with a welcome dinner. An ideal moment to get to know other people and exchange experiences!

Please register
The provincial government of Noord-Brabant is organising Brabant International Day in collaboration with Visit Brabant, Holland Expat Center South and The Hub Eindhoven. You can register for one of five special excursions. You can indicate your chosen excursion up to and including 9 September 2017 using the digital registration form. Please register soon to avoid disappointment!

The five excursions
As an international you can choose from five excursions. More information can be found here. As soon as you click one of the excursions, you will be taken to a page where you can register.

1) Design @ Eindhoven
Be a designer for a night – Eindhoven: create a miniature design item under the supervision of a top Brabant designer.
2) Urban meets Culture @ Helmond
Urban Culture – Helmond: find out about the history of this 700-year-old town, for example by visiting Helmond Castle. 
3) Adventure / Nature @ Tilburg
Dear Future – Tilburg: view the city from its adventures side. Visit the city centre in the dark under the supervision of a guide and enjoy a boat trip through the Piushaven (Pius Harbour) to musical accompaniment. 
4) Bon-Vivant @ Bavaria
Bavaria Night Tour – Lieshout: go on a tour of the Bavaria Brewery and see how Brabant beer is made, including beer tasting and snacks from the Brabant region. 
5) Van Gogh @ Nuenen
Van Gogh Village – Nuenen: Follow in the footsteps of Vincent in the dark and cycle over a special cycle path designed by the artist Daan Roosegaarde and visit the Van Gogh Chapel.

The five excursions you can choose from during BrabantNacht are unique and require a great deal of preparation and organisation. That is why we are asking you to make a contribution of ten euros per person (including for children aged 12 and over). You can order your tickets by Ticketflow. Please take them with you when you arrive on Brabant International Day 2017.

I look forward to meeting you, and perhaps your family as well, in Eindhoven on 
23 September.

Kind regards,
Bert Pauli


Vice-governor Economic and International Affairs 
Province of Noord-Brabant

In the darkness you experience more...

On 23 September Brabant will be opening its doors during the most mysterious and exciting time of the day. Discover the icons of Brabant in the dark. Experience BrabantNacht! It is going to be unforgettable…

Experience the Urban Culture of Helmond. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Tilburg, or follow (literally) in the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh. Experience and become 'Designer for a Night' in the design capital of Eindhoven, or enjoy tasting what the Bavaria brewery has to offer after closing time.

You hear more, taste more and discover more in the dark. An experience you will not want to miss! 

17.45    Arrival at the Kazerne Expo restaurant and opening drinks 
18.00    Welcome by vice-governor Bert Pauli and Interactive Design Dinner 
19.30    Experience BrabantNacht at various locations (Transport to location by bus)
22.00    Depature back to Eindhoven
22.30    After programme drinks
23.00    Party @ Kazerne Expo restaurant (optional)

Location (start)
Kazerne Exhibition restaurant, Paradijslaan 2-8, 5611 KN Eindhoven is an international platform for the creative industry. Here, in a former military police barracks and adjacent warehouse, the worlds of art, design, knowledge and technology are literally brought together with excellent food and drink.
NEW ICONS expo – Rietveld Now
An evening spent amidst new potential icons. A large group of designers has been brought together for the NEW ICONS – Rietveld Now exhibition, both in the restaurant and the large room at the back and in the corridors. You will dine in the midst of this exhibition and you are free to visit it.

Q-park car park at Stadhuisplein Eindhoven (a 200 metres walking distance)

Public transport
* Eindhoven central station (10 minutes walking distance).
* Keizersgracht bus stop | Lines 15 and 16 (Veldhoven MMC), Line 17 (Roosten), Line 18 (Bergeijk Loo), Line 19 (Bladel), Line 319 (Reusel).


DESIGN @ Eindhoven

Over the years this lively city has undergone an unbelievable period of development in the areas of creativity, innovation, technology and design. It is a city with a creative vibe and an abundance of original hotspots!
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A city full of hidden gems, thought-provoking museums and resurgent areas such as the 'Railway Zone' [Spoorzone]. In Tilburg you can make surprising discoveries. There is always something to experience in this lively city!
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URBAN meets CULTURE @ Helmond

Experience a medieval castle in the dark, guided by the light of torches. Discover the secrets of the lords and ladies who lived here. Combined with live graffiti art and live music… Wow!
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VAN GOGH @ Nuenen

Although the Brabant master painter, Vincent van Gogh, is world famous, he left his mark most clearly in the villages and towns of Zundert, Nuenen, Tilburg and Etten-Leur. To find out about the world of Van Gogh, you have to be in Nuenen!
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BON-VIVANT @ Bavaria

Seven generations of the Swinkels family have been brewing beer according to a unique family recipe in the Bavaria brewery in Lieshout. In the dark you see and taste even more!
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